Fixed Price Servicing

Petrol - $299 // Diesel - $379

Get them there safely…


Our new fixed price express service is the ideal service option for those who want a quick, convenient fixed price maintenance once-over!

Get all your vehicle essentials checked, topped up, adjusted, and tested. Less than an hour and it’s done. Easy.
It’s a proactive approach to help get you where you’re going safely, at a known cost investment from a reputable, experienced team. It’s perfect for cars out of warranty period, a little older, or for those on a tight budget who know they need to at least do the basics.

You can relax in our purpose-built customer lounges with a complimentary hot drink, refreshments, and entertainment, and be back on the road as soon as possible.

*New Plymouth service centre only.

Express service

Here's how it works

During this time we will

Change the oil with up to 4 litres (petrol) or 6 litres (diesel) of quality Castrol engine oil

Replace oil filter up to the value of $25.00 (including GST)

Complete a ‘SAFE-T-STOP’ test and provide a report free of charge

Service includes:


  • Road test up to 50km/hr
  • Check exterior lights and headlamps
  • Check for dashboard warning lamps
  • Check WOF due date
  • Check horn operation
  • Check wiper and windscreen washer operation. Top-up if required
  • Check wiper blade condition

Under Vehicle

  • Check steering components
  • Check suspension components
  • Check exhaust system
  • Check CV boots
  • Check wheel bearings (for excessive noise or play)
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Check engine and transmission mounts

Brakes and Tyres

  • Check brake linings (wheels-off inspection)
  • Check brake hydraulic components (callipers, wheel cylinder and hoses)
  • Check park brake operation
  • Check tread depth and condition of tyres
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Rotate tyres if necessary

Under Bonnet

  • Check all under bonnet fluids
  • Check air filter
  • Check cabin air filter (if directly accessible)
  • Check spark plug condition (if directly accessible)
  • Check tension and condition of accessory belts
  • Check for cambelt due date (if equipped)
  • Check cooling system (radiator, hoses and radiator cap)
  • Check external fuel filter
  • Test battery and provide report

Fluids checked as part of your service

  • Check brake fluid and top-up if required
  • Check clutch fluid and top-up if required/equipped
  • Check engine antifreeze and top-up if required
  • Check automatic transmission fluid top-up if required/equipped
  • Check power steering fluid and top-up if required/equipped
  • Top-up windscreen washer fluid

Fixed Price Express Service

Terms and Conditions

  1. Up to 4 litres of oil (petrol) or 6 litres of oil (diesel) is included in the base price. If the engine requires more than 4 litres, there will be an additional charge for the extra oil.
  2. Some filters (e.g., cartridge type, diesel, etc) can be more expensive than a standard filter, so may attract an additional charge.
  3. Up to half a litre top-up for each fluid is included in the service price if required.
  4. If during service a vehicle is deemed to require repair or replacement of any parts, additional charges will apply, and the customer will be notified before any further work is carried out.
  5. We recommend booking a manufacturer service if your vehicle has a balance of factory or mechanical warranty remaining. The AutoCity Fixed Price Express Service offer is not intended to replace a manufacturer service and additional work may be required to ensure the service meets minimum warranty standards.
  6. This offer does not include a car wash or vacuum. This can be requested and then added as an additional cost. Extra time will be required.

Get them there safely…

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